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April Flowers to Look For


"Honeybee Nutrition" is the 2021 theme of the New Hampshire Beekeepers Association (NHBA) Healthy Hives project. Since a flower's pollen and nectar provide protein and carbohydrates for our bees, we are collecting observations of  which flowers are blooming across the state, if there are pollinators on those flowers, and if the observer happens to notice, the color of any pollen on the bees.   


We will use the observations to identify and understand nutrition related issues that our bees may be facing.  For example, in areas experiencing a drought - are there fewer flowers blossoming?  if they are blossoming, were there pollinators on them indicating the flowers are producing nectar and/or pollen.

You don't have to be a beekeeper to participate in our project.  Help the bees in our state by letting us know what flowers you are seeing in bloom! 

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