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Who Can Participate in this Project?

Everyone!   If you see a flower in bloom and have an idea what it is, please submit the information.

Also, please note if you see any pollinators (bees, flys or butterflies on the flowers)

Where do I get an observation sheet?

Download either the excel or pdf version of an observation sheet by clicking on one of these buttons.

See either the "submit observation" or "contact" page for instructions on how to submit your observations. 

Why do you want to know if there are pollinators on the flowers?

Pollinators on the flowers indicate the plant is producing pollen and/or nectar


Why are you collecting pollen color observations?

A honeybee brings pollen back to the hive in pollen baskets on its back legs.  By observing the color of the pollen, we can sometimes guess at what type of flower they were collecting from. Combining this information with the flower observations might tell us where the bees are foraging.   You can add the pollen observations by clicking the "at hive" button on the observation page.

How do I enter my pollen observations?

On the Enter Observation page, click on the "at hive" button and  you will be able to select from a set of pollen colors.


Where do I find a list of plants and their pollen colors?

Search the web for "pollen color chart" or click on these URLs to get to a couple different references:

Do I have to submit my observations online?

No!  You can email your observation sheet to if that is easier for you or send mail via USPS to :

    NH Is Blooming Observations

    PO Box 250

    Gilmanton, NH 03237

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